Is a shampoo bar good for hair?

Date Posted:5 October 2020 

If you have not used a shampoo bar before, you may be wondering how it works, and if you will still achieve the same results? Well, the short answer is yes, you can still achieve smooth, silky, clean hair using a shampoo bar. However, you do need to consider the quality of the shampoo bar. A cheaper shampoo bar that does not have the right pH balance may leave a sticky residue in your hair. It’s safe to say, we have tried and tested all the bars here at Sassy Organics and have found that none of them leave any sort of shampoo bar residue. 


Benefits of switching to a shampoo bar

Reducing waste is a big benefit of switching to a shampoo bar as you are creating zero waste. Depending on the bar, the only packaging comes from the compostable wrapper. 


How long does a shampoo bar last?

One shampoo bar can last up to 6 times longer than liquid shampoo, so you’re saving money as well as reducing the need for plastic bottles. It’s a win, win. 


How to store shampoo bars?

The key to making your shampoo bar last is to keep it dry and well drained with a shampoo bar container. A solid shampoo bar that sits in a flat dish will never completely dry, as the bottom of it will remain soggy. By storing your shampoo and conditioner bars in a bamboo shampoo bar holder, the water can drain from the bar allowing it to dry properly. Storing it away from the shower spray in between handling and when you’re finished will also help to prolong its life, so you get more bang for your buck.


How to use shampoo bars?

Swipe the shampoo bar over wet hair and your scalp a few times. Return you shampoo bar to its shampoo bar container and then massage the shampoo into your hair and scalp just as you would regular shampoo. Rinse and repeat if necessary. 


Do you use a conditioner with a shampoo bar?

Just like you would with liquid shampoo, following with a conditioning bar will give you smooth, silky locks by helping to seal in moisture. 


Best shampoo bars

There are a lot of shampoo bars on the market that are just soap. So, what’s the difference? Well, it all comes down to pH. Just like our skin has a natural pH level that can be disrupted by the wrong skincare, our hair needs the right pH balance too. Soap has a pH of about 9-10 (anything over 6 is alkaline, with 7 being neutral). When soap is applied to hair, the alkalinity causes the hair cuticle to raise and stand out, leaving your hair sticky, dull and damaged. An Ethique shampoo bar has a pH of about 5.5, which leaves much less disruption to the hair cuticle. After rinsing, the result is smoother, shinier hair. Ethique have a range of shampoo and conditioner bars to suit every hair type. We especially love the Ethique shampoo bar frizz wrangler.


Using a kids shampoo bar

With kids you often need to be quick, so a kid's hair and body shampoo bar is perfect for busy bath times. A shampoo bar for kids often combines the two to make the process easier, plus it’s one less thing you have to buy, so that’s a bonus. 


Shampoo and conditioner bars for travel

Shampoo With A Purpose makes the perfect travel size shampoo and conditioner bars. Store them in a travel container and you’re all set to take your chemical free, zero waste hair care with you wherever you go. If you’re not sure a shampoo bar is right for you, you can use the mini travel sizes as a trial before purchasing a bigger bar. 


Where to buy Ethique shampoo bars?

We thought you’d never ask! Of course, we sell Ethique shampoo bars at Sassy Organics, along with The Australian Natural Soap Company and Shampoo With A Purpose. In fact, we think we have the best shampoo bars Australia has to offer. 





Shampoo With A Purpose Shampoo Bar Volume (135 g)

Save 6 shampoo & conditioner bottles with this shampoo bar



The Australian Natural Soap Company Solid Shampoo For Sensitive Scalp (100 g)

Softly scented with only the gentlest plant oils for sensitive scalp



The Australian Natural Soap Company Solid Shampoo For Oily Hair (100 g)

Will thoroughly cleanse your hair of build up and add volume & shine



Ethique Solid Shampoo Bar For Dry Or Frizzy Hair Frizz Wrangler (110 g)

Smoothing without weighing your hair down



Ethique Solid Shampoo Bar For Normal Hair Pinkalicious (110 g)

Pink grapefruit & vanilla scent



Ethique Super Hydrating Solid Conditioner Bar Too Delicious (60 g)

Can be used as a hair treatment



Ethique Compostable Bamboo & Cornstarch Shower Container Aqua

Fits shampoo bar & conditioner bar



Ethique Gentle Shampoo Bar For Little Ones Oaty Delicious (110 g)

With oats, coconut oil and lavender


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