Helping your skin and the environment in these 5 ways

Date Posted:9 February 2020 

Nowadays, we all have every skincare product that we might need at the reach of a hand. All we have to do is go to the nearest supermarket, and we have everything made readily available for us: moisturising creams, toners, makeup, lotions – everything that we might need to have smooth skin. For the outside eye, it seems as if we have reached skincare bliss. However, things change a bit when we look at the label and we see the chemicals listed in there. That can’t be quite good for our skin, can it? Not to mention that most of these products were likely tested on animals – something that surely can’t be very helpful to our environment. This is why you might want to try other methods to keep your skin healthy – all while helping the environment. 


1. Drink enough water 

Many skin problems generally originate in the fact that we do not drink enough water. Your skin feels dry and keeps peeling off? You might want to try to fix this by using a lot of moisturising cream – but in truth, you must also moisturise your body from within. Just remember to drink your daily 8 glasses of water. I know, it feels like this tips has been listed in every single article about skincare ever, but people still don’t take it seriously and it just has to be repeated.


2. Go for vegan products

In 2020 it feels like everyone is focusing on sustainability and on trying to be as eco friendly as possible. It’s no wonder, with all the climate change we are witnessing on the daily basis in all parts of the world. For this reason, more and more companies are releasing bio products – ones that feature organic formulas that are friendly on the environment. These products are made to be safe for humans due to their gentler formulas and lack of synthetic chemicals. Also, they are not tested on animals and they are safe for the environment for not using harmful chemicals that can end up in the sewage water, for example.


3. Choose multi purpose skincare products

Open your cosmetics drawer and tell us what you see. The chances are that you have a variety of products – from day creams to night creams, eye creams, and masks, along with numerous toners and cleansers that you have all introduced in your skincare routine. Rather than cluttering your routine with multiple products that might do nothing good for your skin, try opting for products that are more-in-one. For instance, there are many companies out there that offer day cream, night cream, and eye cream – all in one. Plus, instead of a separate toner and a cleanser, go for a cleanser toner combo. Fewer ingredients will be used this way – making it a more sustainable solution. Keep in mind that while you do go for combo-cosmetics, you should not disregard the label. Once more, go for the products marked as bio or vegan, as these are the products that will help your skin the most – all while ensuring that the product is environmentally friendly.


4. Use stick form products  

Water waste is a big no-no. This is why you might want to try products that come in solid form because they don’t use that much water in the manufacturing process. By doing so, you’ll be reducing the water use and your skin will remain healthy in the process. With so many beautiful & natural deodorant paste and deodorant stick products on the market, there is no excuse.


5. Opt for refill products

Most skincare products are sold in plastic bottles, all of which are thrown away the moment the product runs out. Not only is it unhealthy for the environment (plastic use generally is), but the formula of the product may also be affected the moment it touches the plastic. For this reason, you might want to try looking for brands that provide refill products. There are numerous brands that use glass packaging, as it is easier to recycle – some also provide refills the moment your old product runs out. So, make sure you look for such companies. Another alternative is to opt for shampoo bars and body soaps instead products in plastic bottles.


Final thoughts

Overall, you should focus more on using products that are marked as “bio”, “organic”, or for “vegan”. It’s not easy to change up everything in your routine at once – but attempting even a little bit of sustainability will do a lot. Try reducing the product waste, all while keeping a close eye on the ingredients list.  


About the author

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