Health benefits of dandelion

Date Posted:21 April 2019 

Dandelion is a fantastic all rounder for general health and well-being with liver and digestive cleansing properties having a positive impact on all body systems and health conditions. Dandelion leaves are very versatile in how they can be used with dandelion leaf offering a mild flavour compared to the root or steams of the plant. Dandelion tea health benefits assist in many different ailments, making it a perfect staple for your herbal tea shelf.

What is dandelion?

Like most medicinal pants, the dandelion plant is actually a weed common in most parts of the world belonging to the Taraxacum officinale family, otherwise known as the daisy family. The dandelion flower is bright yellow in colour, and you may remember blowing on the fluffy white spores as a child, perhaps making a wish as it flew off and dispersed on the breeze. This is what happens once the flower has ceased, and it is an essential part of ensuring the plants reproduction by spreading its seeds carried along by the wind.


Dandelion uses & benefits

Dandelion tincture is a fantastic liver and gallbladder cleanser and tonifyer, and as such, has many uses and benefits. Dandelion extract is useful in herbal remedies targeting detoxification, as it assists in cleansing and improving liver function. A flow on effect of a healthy liver and gallbladder is improved digestive function, which in itself improves an array of different health conditions. Dandelion benefits also include action as a diuretic, assisting in cleansing the kidneys and reducing fluid retention. Taking a dandelion supplement is a good idea if you are following a detox program, or if you simply want to give your liver, gallbladder and kidneys a clean out. Dandelion root is also available in many Organic Merchant cacao blends and organic teas, due to its powerful detoxifying properties. 

Dandelion tea benefits

Dandelion tea can be made from the root, steam, leaves or flowers of the plant, each containing antioxidants and health benefits. Dandelion root has a bold flavour and when it has been roasted, dandelion root tea can be used as a caffeine free coffee substitute. Dandelion tea benefits include clearer skin, reduced water retention and the ability to aid in weight loss due to its diuretic and liver cleansing properties. Switching coffee for dandelion tea will also aid in hydration and antioxidant status, boosting your overall health and immune system.


Dandelion side effects

Dandelion leaves should not cause side effects, however if there is an allergy to plants in the Taraxacum family such as marigold, daisies or chrysanthemums then it should be avoided. As with any remedy that promotes detox, if you take too much too soon it may cause detox side effects, however dandelion is generally well tolerated. If taking dandelion medicinally, always seek advice from a health professional, especially if you are taking medications. Ensure you drink adequate water in order to assist the diuretic action.




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