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All about hormones - my personal experience

Date Posted:2 July 2017 

If we haven’t already convinced you, here is a personal story from one of the Sassy Organics crew

“I've personally have suffered from hormone imbalance since I was 18. Dealing with endometriosis, cysts and having 5 laparoscopies later, I was over it. I've tried various medications and alternative medicine and whilst every treatment worked for a while, the symptoms eventually returned. About 5 years ago now, I decided to ditch all the chemicals, as I've read so much about the effect of chemicals on hormone imbalance. I started eating only organic food, then switching to organic makeup and skin care. I've never looked back. I have been symptom free for about 4 years now and I’ve not had to do any more acupuncture or take any herbs or undergo any surgery. It was the best decision that I have made in my life. I feel last. During this process I have also learnt to deal with stress (meditation and yoga certainly helps) as this also had an impact on my hormones.” – Aida


Another little anecdote that was passed on to me from a natural health care practitioner who specialises in fertility

The practitioner saw two women in her clinic, both of whom worked in the same shop that sold an array of scented candles, perfumes and body products. Upon reviewing their clinical tests, which looked at their thyroid gland, both women had exceptionally high levels (about 14 times higher than what is should be) of their thyroid hormones. What is even most outstanding, and possibly a coincidence, is that they had exactly the same number on their test results.  There is no doubt, that their work environment was having an effect on their hormones.


We encourage you to do your own research on the matter

There is definitely literature out there that shows the effects that chemicals play on the body. It is always good to do your own investigation work. Everyone has an opinion on something, and you can’t just take it all on face value. Look at the evidence, use a bit of common sense and trust your instinct. Education is the key and the more you learn and undersand the effects of chemicals on our bodies the easier it will be to remove or reduce it from your life. Alos, we encourage your to read our earlier posts All about hormones - Part one and Benefits of maca.



  1. Instead of using a fragrant electric wall plug in, put a few drops of your favourite essential oil on a cotton pad and place in the corner of the room. This also works well for scenting your car. Simple place the cotton pad in a little nook. For uplifting and invigorating scents try natural citrus oils such as orange, lemon and lemongrass.
  2. For the home and office, use an oil burner or diffuser with essential oils to disperse a continual fragrance or natural room spray such as Vanessa Megan Mint & Citrus Room Spray or Vanessa Megan Spice of Life Atmospheric Room Spray.
  3. To quickly wipe over and disinfect surfaces such as bench tops, desks, phones; dab some eucalyptus oil on a cloth and wipe. Eucalyptus will not only kill bacteria, it will also leave the room smelling fresh, clean and clear. To note, eucalyptus oil will remove print. Don’t wipe it on something with contains ink, as it will dissolve it, unless you are trying to remove pen marks on a wall!
  4. Choose soy or beeswax candles where possible. Supermarket candles contain chemicals, which when burned are distributed through the air.
  5. Look for the organic certified symbol on skin care and make up, to ensure purity of the product. To learn more about organic certification see our earlier post Organic vs. Natural Skin Care