Caring for your beard - naturally!

Date Posted:29 November 2020 

With the rise of fashionable beards comes a rise in beard care products. But where to start? What products do you need to have a thick, lustrous beard? Let’s start with the basics, caring for your beard naturally. 


Do you shampoo a beard?

Do you wash the hair on your head? Is your beard hair? Well, yes! You should wash your beard a couple of times a week to keep it clean and well maintained. So, can you just use regular shampoo on your beard? Unfortunately not. You see, beard hair is very course and has a tendency to dry out. If you’re trying to grow your beard but keep getting split ends and fizziness, you need to know these beard shampoo benefitsRegular shampoo cleans the hair by reducing sebum, the natural oil produced by the hair follicle. Beard hair is coarser than the hair on your head, so it needs all the oil it can get to prevent damage. Beard shampoo cleans and conditions the hair but doesn’t strip the natural oils, preventing your beard from becoming an untameable beast. 


How to moisturise a beard?

Longer beards tend to dry out more than shorter lengths, leading to frizz, split ends and dry skin. As well as using a beard shampoo to protect the natural oils, applying a beard oil for men helps to lock in the moisture and smooth down any frizz, while moisturising the skin underneath, eliminating the itch and preventing dry flakes. Regularly using a beard moisturiser helps to promote healthier growing conditions by strengthening the hair and follicles and preventing split ends. A beard oil also helps to soften the beard, a nice surprise for your partner and a great way to avoid pash rash!


Can you take natural supplements for beard growth?

Hair growth supplements may help to grow your beard faster. Nutrients that are needed in good amounts for hair growth include silica, biotin, zinc, iron, b-group vitamins and protein. You need enough of these nutrients in your diet to support healthy hair growth, and if your diet is lacking you may find that your hair grows much slower, is more prone to breakage and may appear a little lacklustre. 


Best beard oil for hair growth

The best beard oil for growth in Australia has to be the Black Chicken Remedies Men’s Natural Beard Oil. We love this beard oil because it is 100% natural, containing hydrating oils and therapeutic essential oils, providing antibacterial and anti-fungal properties for a healthy, clean and fresh beard. The natural essential oils also make this beard oil smell amazing, while taming frizz, moisturising the skin and nourishing the hair follicles. Some of our other very popular beard oils brands includes Native Man and The Australian Natural Soap Company. If you’re searching for beard gifts for him, that special someone or maybe your hipster brother, why not opt for a natural beard care pack? And if you’re wondering where to get beard oil, well you’ve come to the right place! We have everything you need for natural beard products every bearded man will love. 




The Australian Natural Soap Company Beard Shampoo (100 g)

It cleans & conditions the beard leaving it soft and silky



The Australian Natural Soap Company Shaving Soap (100 g)

Conditioning lather with plant oils to reduce nicks & cuts



The Australian Natural Soap Company Man Care Beard & Shave Oil (25 ml)

With argan, rice bran, sweet almond oils to moisturise & soften skin



The Australian Natural Soap Company Beard Pack (2 Products)

Contains beard shampoo & specially formulated aftershave oil



The Australian Natural Soap Company Shaving Pack (2 Products)

Contains shaving shampoo & specially formulated aftershave oil



Ethique Solid Shampoo & Shaving Bar Tip To Toe (110 g)

For a close, smooth shave



Black Chicken Remedies Natural Men's Beard Oil

Lightweight oil that calms, moisturises and heals dry epidermis

From $1.50

See Options

Native Man The Voyager Beard & Hair Oil Mission Beach (30 ml)

Fresh aromatic scent for clean, fresh & masculine type


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