SpiritualiTEA Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions asked by customers trying to choose a tisane. Their questions may also be something you are asking.These answers have been prepared by the founder, Naturopath and Herbalist Cheryl O'Neill.


How do I choose the right tisane for me?

You may: 


I like green tea, do you have one?

Yes the SpiritualiTEA Heart Chakra Tisane is a blend of Sencha Green tea along with Mango Pieces and Orange segments.  


I can’t have caffeine, which tisane contains caffeine?

The only tisane within the range that does contain a small level of caffeine is the SpiritualiTEA Heart Chakra Tisane. Sencha Green tea is a part of this blend which generally has about 30 mg of caffeine per cup. SpiritualiTEA Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Solar plexus, Sacral and Root chakra tisanes are all caffeine free. 


I don’t like liquorice (the Root chakra contains Liquorice root), will I taste it?

Taste is an extremely subjective topic.  I have seen numerous groups tasting my teas explaining a variety of flavours around the one tea.  The SpiritualiTEA Root Chakra blend contains 5 herbs and the amount of Liquorice Root is only 15grams within the total 100grams.  Also the taste of licorice as a sweet lolly is a great deal stronger then that in the herbal form.


I have a sweet tooth, which tisane is the sweetest? 

The sweetest blends would be the Sacral and Solar Plexus Blends.  The longer you brew the SpiritualiTEA Sacral blend the more honey flavour is drawn out of the Honeybush.  For a sweeter taste, brew this tisane for 20 minutes.  The SpiritualiTEA Solar Plexus blend contains Banana bits and Vanilla Pods that expel more sweetness upon longer brewing.  Try blending this tea for 10-15 minutes for a sweeter tea. With all of the SpiritualiTEA herbal tisanes you can add a little bit of honey or even lemon to the blend.


What is the best tisane for pregnancy?

SpiritualiTEA tisanes all contain a blend of several herbs except for two blends; Sacral and Solar Plexus blends.  Generally herbs are avoided during pregnancy.  The SpiritualiTEA Sacral blend is a sweet blend of Honeybush which is caffeine and herbal free along with dried fruits of Mango and Orange. The SpiritualiTEA Solar Plexus blend is a blend of Rooibos with Vanilla Pods, Goji Berries and Banana bits which is also caffeine and herbal free.

During pregnancy, many women avoid caffeine altogether, whilst others limit/reduce their intake. The reasons for the reduction in caffeine whilst pregnant (and also whilst breastfeeding), have to do with the effect the caffeine has on your baby. The Mayo clinic explains that caffeine “can cross the placenta and affect your baby's heart rate.” They also state that “while further research is needed, some studies suggest that drinking too much caffeine during pregnancy might be associated with an increased risk of miscarriage.” SpiritualiTEA Heart Chakra blend contains Sencha green tea which does contain some caffeine, approximately 30mg per cup.

There is very little evidence and information available on what herbs are considered safe to consume during pregnancy. As a Naturopath I have always erred on the side of caution and recommended no herbal teas whilst pregnant. SpiritualiTEA products are all blends of a number of herbs except for the Sacral Herbal Tisane and the Solar Plexus Tisane which are both caffeine and herbal free. The SpiritualiTEA Sacral blend is a sweet blend of Honeybush along with Mango and Orange pieces whilst the SpiritualiTEA Solar Plexus blend is a smooth mix of Rooibos, Banana chips, Goji Berries and Vanilla pods.