Zuii Organic Makeup Guide

STEP 1- Preparation
Cleanse and prep your skin with our Primer. Primer will offer enhanced protection and hydration for the skin while creating an even canvas for your makeup.

STEP 2- Conceal
Using our 
concealer pencils and colour correctives neutralise the skin tone.

STEP 3- Base
Apply a squirt of 
Liquid Foundation to the skin and blend this evenly across the face with a brush. Matte this with our Pressed Powder and flat powder brush to reduce any excess moisture and maximise coverage.

STEP 4- Contour
Define cheeks with our 
Pressed Blush (popular choice - Grapefruit) then highlight face with our Diamond Sparkle.

STEP 5- Eyes
Sweep base 
Eyeshadow across lid (don’t go above eye socket). Gradually build depth in colour with a darker shade on outer crease (aim for almond shape). Fill middle lid with colour and pat a light eyeshadow in inner corner to open eyes.

STEP 6- Eye Finishes
Line upper lash line with our 
Eyeliner Pencil and with eyeshadow powder add a fine brush line to the lower lash line. Finish with Mascara.

STEP 7 Brows
Use our 
Eyebrow Definer to define brows.

STEP 8 - Lips
Line lips with
 Lipliner and fill with flora Lipstick. Apply Lip Tint to seal.

Remove makeup with our Certified Organic 
Makeup Remover.