Top 5 skincare products for winter

Date Posted:19 March 2021 

Winter can be a harsh time for our skin. But perfecting a natural winter skincare routine can help keep your skin hydrated, nourished and glowing during the colder months. 


What happens to the skin in winter?

Our skin likes consistency. So when the weather changes, it can have an adverse reaction. Winter or the cold weather also brings with it some particular skin challenges. When temperatures and humidity drop, our skin must work harder to maintain adequate hydration. Other lifestyle factors like hotter showers and using indoor heating can also add to our skin’s troubles in winter.


Why have a different routine?

Having a winter and summer skincare routine is one of the best things you can do to effectively protect your skin all year long. Using a natural winter skincare routine will help ensure it remains healthy no matter the weather. 


What should your skincare goals be in winter?

In winter, the goal for your skin is to prevent dryness and maintain as much hydration and moisture as possible. Picking winter skincare products usually involves opting for richer formulas with more hydrating ingredients.  


General winter skincare tips

The best skincare for dry winter skin involves more than the products you use. Follow these basic tips and see our winter skincare essentials below to get you and your skin winter-ready.

1. Avoid long and/or hot showers

We all crave a long hot shower in the cold months – it can be so hard to face stepping out into the cold bathroom, right? Sadly, a long hot shower can strip your skin of vital oils. Use warm water instead and don’t stay in longer than you need.


2. Don’t skip the sunscreen

Even though it’s not hot out, the sun is still up. You’d be surprised how high the UV index and rays can get during the cold months. These UV rays damage and dry our skin – making us prone to premature signs of ageing. Apply sunscreen at least 25 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every two hours.


3. Invest in a humidifier

A humidifier will maximise the amount of water in the air. Place a humidifier in the bedroom, your office or wherever you spend most of your time. Increasing the moisture levels in the air will help your skin’s barrier stay hydrated.


Top 5 skincare products for winter

Wondering what the best skincare for dry winter skin is? These are our top 5 winter skincare products.  

1. A rich moisturiser

A light lotion might be enough to hydrate your skin in the warmer months. But in winter, your skin will benefit from a richer cream moisturiser. Lighter textured moisturisers tend to use humectants (hyaluronic acid and glycerine), while rich creams use emollients and occlusives. The latter are much better at protecting your skin’s barrier from the cold and preventing moisture loss. If you have naturally dry or dehydrate skin, then try a nourishing oil or use a night cream during the daytime to ensure adequate hydration.

2. An effective lip balm

Ever find yourself licking your lips in winter? That’s because the cold air dries out lips and makes them prone to eczema, chapping and sores. An effective lip balm will act as a protective barrier to your lips while providing needed hydration. Ere Perez have some winter skincare essentials including the nourishing Cranberry Lip and Eye Butter.


3. A gentle exfoliator

Gentle exfoliation can work wonders for your skin during the cold months. The cold air can cause dry, dead skin cells to accumulate on our skin. Exfoliating them away will help promote brighter and glower skin. Plus, exfoliating the skin will help prepare your skin for the products you apply next. Meaning any oils, creams and serums you use will absorb deeper into the skin and produce better results. The trick is to use a gentle scrub or exfoliator


4. A hydrating serum

A serum is a potent skincare product that contains high doses of active ingredients. Due to their small molecular structure, serums are able to penetrate the skin’s layers to produce visible skin improvements. In winter, your skin can use an extra boost in hydration, vitamins and nourishment. Look for a hydrating, antioxidant and protecting serum that will help shield your skin from the harsh winter air.


5. A nourishing hand and body cream

The skin on our body and especially our hands is particularly prone to drying out during the winter. You might find that you get red, cracked or peeling skin on your hands and knuckles during the cold months. To prevent this, you’ll want to use a richer hand and body lotion like those from all-natural, New Zealand brand Antipodes.


Remember, when changing your skincare routine, take note of your unique skin’s reactions and needs. What works for one person, won’t necessarily work for you. That said, following these general winter skincare product recommendations and guidelines will help ensure your skin stays healthy and nourished all year long. 





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