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Caring naturally for your baby's skin

Date Posted:30 December 2021 

Your newborn’s skin is fragile and sensitive. Like their immune system, their skin is developing and is sensitive to its surroundings. As such, putting chemicals on your baby's skin can result in allergies, irritation, redness and dry itchy patches. Choosing natural and organic is best for taking care of your baby’s skin.  


What are the necessities for a newborn baby?

There are so many things we need to consider when it comes to taking care of a newborn’s delicate skin. Skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it’s linked closely with our overall health – so we should only choose the purest products. Natural and organic skincare products tend to be safer, gentler and better for any skin, but especially your baby’s naturally delicate and sensitive skin. Natural baby products will keep your baby’s skin clean, hydrated and nourished, without exposing them to the toxins and nasties found in conventional products. So, what are the necessities for a newborn baby skincare routine?

Firstly, baby wipes. As any parent will tell you, baby wipes are likely to be your number one companion over the next few years. That said, conventional baby wipes are often soaked with harsh chemicals that might kill bacteria but also dry out your baby’s skin. Baby wipes are also notoriously bad for the environment as they often wind up in landfills and contribute to waste and pollution. We love the Wotnot Naturals’ range of baby wipes as they’re not only natural and safe but also biodegradable and compostable. Another essential you’ll need right away is baby oil. After bath time, it’s important that you apply baby lotion or oil to lock in moisture and prevent dry skin and skin irritations. Some of the baby oils on the market contain petroleum-based oil that can be harmful to the skin and is unsustainable to make. Luckily, there are lots of all-natural and plant-based baby oil options. We love the Jojoba Co Baby Oil as jojoba can work at the cellular level to maintain balance and long-term hydration for your baby’s skin.

For the first few months, you should choose unscented products as these are safest for your newborn. But after that, you can introduce some natural and organic baby products with a scent. A lavender bath organic baby lotion can help soothe, calm and relax in preparation for sleep. Always test your baby’s skin with a small patch before using any product over the entire body, especially if you know you have a history of sensitive skin in your family. 

How often should I bathe my baby?

Babies are born with a protective coating on their skin known as a vernix, which peels off after the first week or so. During their first few months of life, the baby’s skin will be it's most dry and sensitive. it is important not to bathe your baby too frequently. No more than 3 times a week for fair skin babies, and no more than once a week for dark-skinned babies (darker skin tends to be dryer). Washing your baby’s skin too frequently will strip the natural protective oils from the skin, and may result in dry, red and sore skin and can leave your baby more vulnerable to infections and eczema. After the first few months of life, you’re free to wash your baby every day if you both really enjoy it. But, otherwise, your baby needs to be bathed about 2-3 times a week at most.

Usually, warm water is enough to keep your baby clean. That said if you want to use baby shampoo and baby conditioner, be sure to only choose all-natural ones. there is no need to introduce your little one to harsh chemicals or cleaners at the early stages of life. Hair adjusts to being washed by shampoo and will start to get greasy and not be able to self-clean if you wash it with shampoo too often. Good baby shampoo will be full of nourishing plant oils that help to nourish the baby’s hair and don’t strip it of its natural oils. As your baby’s hair starts to grow properly, you can add in a baby conditioner. Again, choose a baby conditioner that is full of natural plant oils and pure ingredients – avoid any with SLS, sulphates and silicones.  


Should you moisturise baby skin? How can I moisturize my baby's skin?

Yes. You should moisturise your baby’s skin. Ideally every 2-3 days after a bath. Baby’s skin is delicate and leans towards being dry, especially in the earliest months of life. The best way you can moisturise your baby’s skin is using baby oil or a baby moisturiser. A baby moisturiser is a great option if you find the oil to be too heavy. An all-natural baby moisturiser is simply a lotion formula of plant oils that will nourish and restore balance to your baby’s skin like an oil. The best bit about moisturising your baby is you can perform a baby massage. This can be an amazing way for you to bond with baby and create a relaxing and mindful routine for both carer and newborn.

There are also lots of skin benefits to performing a baby massage with natural baby oil. The act of massaging promotes circulation for your baby and the oil provides your baby’s skin with lots of micronutrients like vitamin A and E (depending on the plant oil) and, of course, lots of much-needed moisture to prevent dryness, chafing and rashes.

To perform a baby massage, apply a few drops of baby massage oil in your warm hands. Start with the feet and then use long, smooth strokes up the baby’s legs and downward strokes on the arms. Place one hand on each shoulder and use a gentle, inward stroke towards their chest. If the baby’s tummy feels soft, you can use very gentle circular motions but don’t persist if your baby gets restless and their tummy seems unsettled. It’s best to not put pressure on the space between the nipples and tummy. Your baby can have some tummy time while you gently stroke their back. The thing to remember with baby massage is to use gentle, light touches and to read your baby’s signs. If they’re unsettled, or you are tense and stressed then it’s best to save the massage for another time. This should be a pleasant bonding experience.


Which brand is best for baby skin? 

The best brands for your baby’s skin are those that only use natural, pure and organic ingredients. Jack n Jill is a leading Australian brand for reliable natural baby products. Jack n Jill has a commitment to using only the best natural ingredients and combining them with the rigour of science to provide formulas that are gentle and nourishing, as well as safe for your baby. The Jack n Jill range has everything from baby shampoo and baby conditioner to toothpaste – plus it will take you from newborn to big kid. Wotnot is another great brand for natural baby products. Wotnot is as committed to creating natural, safe baby products as they are to the environment. Wotnot makes it easy to find natural alternatives to all the conventional baby products like baby wash, baby moisturiser and nappy rash cream. Not to mention the Wotnot range of natural baby wipes that keeps your little one clean