Caring naturally for your baby's skin

Date Posted:25 February 2017 

Your newborn’s skin if fragile and sensitive. Like their immune system, the integumentary system (skin) is developing and is sensitive to its surroundings. As such, putting chemicals on your baby's skin can result in allergies, irritation, redness and dry itchy patches as well as worsening or flaring up eczema which can be distressing to your little one.


Caring for newborns

Babies are born with a protective coating on their skin known as a vernix, which peels off after the first week or so. During their first few months of life, it is important not to bathe your baby too frequently. No more than 3 times a week for fair skin babies, and no more than once a week for dark skinned babies (darker skin tends to be dryer). Washing your babies skin too frequently will strip the natural protective oils from the skin, and may result in dry, red and sore skin and can leave your baby more vulnerable to infections and eczema. Wiping the nappy and mouth area with a natural baby wipe such as Wotnot natural baby wipes or JAK Organic natural baby wipes is sufficient for cleaning in between baths.


It is also important not to use any products with a fragrance during the first few months, as this is when your baby’s skin is at its most sensitive. When bathing, use a fragrance free or natural and gentle baby wash such as Natures Child organic baby wash. A fragrance free or gentle baby laundry powder should also be used to wash your baby’s clothes and linen.


Introducing scented products

Once you have survived your first few months with your newborn (well done) you may introduce some natural and organic baby products with a scent if you desire. A lavender bath and organic baby lotion can help to sooth, calm and relax in preparation for sleep. Always test your baby’s skin with a small patch before using over the entire body, especially if you know you have a history of sensitive skin in your family. Wild Organic Baby offer a wonderful organic baby pamper pack, complete with a cream, lavender lotion, eczema milky bath, massage oil and hair and body wash. Feel like providing your baby with luxurious bath experience? Try Vanessa Megan baby bath washformulated with a hydrating olive extract to moisturize the skin and gentle certified organic essential oils of lavender and mandarinUsing products which contain pure essential oils will not only provide a heavier scent, but more importantly they will provide therapeutic benefit for both your baby and yourself.





Wotnot Natural Baby Wash


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