Best natural skin care for dry skin

Date Posted:14 April 2019 

Commercial soaps and body wash are extremely drying as they strip the skins natural protective oils. Using a dry skin face wash will ensure these oils remain intact, while dirt and grime are gently cleansed away. Dry skin face masks are also an important part a natural skin care regime, along with toners and serums.


What causes dry skin?

Environmental factors are the most common source of dry skin causes, such as cold weather and in door heating. Lengthy hot showers and baths can also dry out the skin, leaving it feeling tight and uncomfortable. This is often further exacerbated by harsh soaps and body wash. Internal factors which cause dry skin include a deficiency of essential fatty acids and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Dry skin patches may be an indication of omega-3 and vitamin A deficiency. Dry skin on face may be caused by using the wrong type of facial cleanser, or from being over exposed to in door heating. Dry skin on legs may occur particularly after shaving, in which case a lotion for dry skin should be applied immediately after. Dry skin on feet is common as we get older, particularly if you wear high heels regularly. 


Best cleanser for dry skin

A cream or oil based cleanser is best suited for dry skin. Foaming or gel cleansers may be too harsh for dry skin. Look for a natural cleanser containing hydrating oils, and stay away from commercial soaps and acne cleansers which tend to be extremely drying. Sassy Organics recommends Acure Seriously Soothing Cleansing Creme if you are new to natural skin care or Black Chicken Remedies Cleanse My Face Purifying Oil Natural Cleanser or Vanessa Megan Petitgrain Cream Face Cleanser if you are after more luxurious cleanser.


Choose the right dry skin moisturiser

A dry skin moisturiser is essential if your skin lacks the ability to retain moisture. While it may be tempting to use your thick and creamy body butter for those dry patches on your face, this may lead to breakouts. A dry skin face moisturiser will ensure adequate hydration, without blocking pores. Adding a facial serum is particularly beneficial in treating dry skin The best serum for dry skin contains intensely hydrating oils such as hemp, rosehip, jojoba or macadamia. Of equal importance is the right make up. Look for a dry skin foundation which will contains hydrating oils, as using the wrong foundation may exacerbate dryness and highlight crevices or wrinkles. 


Top dry skin treatments

If you’re looking for a dry skin treatment it is important to address any underlying nutritional deficiencies along with the appropriate skin care, such as a dry skin toner, cleanser and moisturiser. On top of the basics, using a face mask for dry skin once or twice a week will help to prevent dry skin flare ups and maintain a healthy glow. Vanessa Megan Cryo Rose Ice Cube Treatment and Vanessa Megan The Holy Trinity Trial Kit are your must have essentials for dry skin, especially during colder months where your skin is need of serious hydration. Vanessa Megan The Holy Trinity Trial Kit contains everything you need to plump and hydrate your skin including hydrating cleanser, rose water toner and beautiful face oil rich in vitamin A, E, P and K. 


Best treatments for dry skin on feet and legs

The first step to treating the lower body parts is exfoliation. If you have rough feet, use a pumice to soften the skin around the heels and balls of the feet. Follow with a cream for dry skin and use twice daily. Macadamia oil is the best body oil for dry skin, as it is intensely nourishing and hydrating. A body oil applied after a lotion works well at targeting large areas such as the legs.




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