Benefits of acai berry

Date Posted:12 January 2020 

Acai, pronounced “a-sigh-ee”, is a berry sourced from the acai palm tree found in the Amazon rainforest. Resembling a blueberry, this dark purple berry has become incredibly popular over recent years due to its exceptionally high antioxidant component, making it one of the most popular superfoods to flood your social media. 


Benefits of acai berry

Antioxidants are like a vacuum or a mop that cleans up the mess caused by free radicals. In chemistry terms, free radicals are unstable molecules continually searching for another molecule to latch on to. In the body, a free radical will attach itself to your cells where they cause damage and cell destruction. Anti-oxidants act as lifeguards, attaching to the free radicals, neutralising them so they does not damage your body’s cells. Free radicals come from toxins such as cigarette smoke, foods that are high in refined sugars and processed fats, excess alcohol, air population and many other sources. Their counter part, anti-oxidants, are found in fruits and vegetables, with the highest concentration found in plants with dark pigment such as acai, blueberry and spinach for example. Avoiding free radicals completely is not possible, therefore, it is essential to provide your body with enough anti-oxidants to neutralise damage caused by free radical toxins.


Raw acai vs acai powder 

In Australia, acai is only available as a freeze dried powder, frozen puree, capsule or liquid. The fresh, raw berries can not be exported. While fresh is best, freezing and freeze drying immediately after harvesting preserves the nutritional and anti-oxidant content. In fact, when measuring the Oxygen Reactive Absorption Capacity (ORAC) score, 100g of frozen acai berry pulp has an ORAC of 15,405 compared to blueberries with a score of 4,669. This is the main reason acai has become one of the most popular superfoods. Compared to other sources of antioxidants, acai packs a massive punch. Nutritionally, acai also contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. 


Benefits of acai in skin care

In skincare, acai berry extract provides protection against free radical damage causing premature ageing of the skin. Acai oil also contains important healthy fats, omegas 3,6 and 9 which help to retain the skins moisture, improving firmness, texture and complexion. Using a daily moisturiser or facial oil that contains acai berry oil helps to protect the skin from UV rays by providing antioxidants that combat sun exposure, similar to the way zinc works in sunscreen. While it is important to use an SPF rated natural sunscreen during peak UV times, acai berry oil will lessen stress on the skin caused by the sun. Using an acai berry face scrub will drench your skin with hydration and brighten your complexion. 


How to make acai bowl (optional, if you need extra motivation)

The best thing about acai bowls is how simple they are to make. The key is to use all frozen fruits, this ensures the texture thick and creamy. For this, you need to use a food processor or a very high powered blender. A stick blender simply won’t have the power or motion to be able to blend frozen fruits without a considerable amount of liquid. 



Blend until smooth, then top with your choice of garnish such as chia seeds, fresh fruit, crunchy muesli and coconut flakes, with a little drizzle of maple syrup if you desire extra sweetness. Alternatively, you can use Nutra Organics Acai Berry Blend instead of frozen acai berries.




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