La Mav Dermal Roller Frequently Asked Questions

Date Posted:6 September 2021 

A dermal roller is a skincare tool that uses the same technology as micro-needling – the painless process of lightly puncturing the skin's surface with tiny needles. Dermarolling is a great at-home skincare therapy for those with skin concerns like acne scars or redness, or those wanting to take thorough care of their skin. The La Mav Dermal Roller is high-quality, hygienic, and tried and true. Use this FAQ page to find all the answers to your dermal roller questions.  

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What is a dermal roller?

A dermal roller is a skincare tool that uses the same technology as micro-needling – on one end is the handle, on the other is a little roller with lots of tiny, microneedles. Dermarolling is a painless process that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin's surface with tiny needles. This causes what is called a 'controlled skin injury' that does not cause any actual damage to the skin's outer surface but triggers the body's wound response. This means more blood flow, cells and collagen being produced on the skin much in the same way the skin does when it's cut and has to heal. The result is newer, plumper and firmer skin. 

What are the benefits of a dermal roller?

There are many benefits to using a dermal roller. Firstly a dermal roller helps stimulate collagen production and cell turnover which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and ageing. But a dermal roller also helps other active skincare products work better by opening your skin up and providing pathways for those ingredients. These two factors can help smooth the skin, reduce scarring and other skin concerns like age spots, discolouring and redness. 

Is a dermal roller safe for all skin types?

No. Dermal rolling is a versatile, non-invasive procedure for the reduction of wrinkles, thin skin density, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, loss of adhesion and resiliency, photo ageing, scars, stretch marks, and lax skin. However, micro dermal rollers should not be used by those with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis as the trauma can cause further irritation.

Is derma rolling the same as micro-needling?

Dermal rolling is based on a similar principle to micro-needling, but dermal rolling is done with a round tool with a needled drum and is generally a home use device. Micro-needling on the other hand is performed in the clinic with a handheld device.

When can I expect to see noticeable results?

After a derma roller treatment collagen induction begins within 48 hours. You will start noticing tightening of the skin within few days and over the next 3 – 12 months the epidermis creates a new smooth collagen matrix. It may take longer to see the results if you are using it for scarring as the deeper cells will take time to migrate to the surface.


Is there anything I should do to my skin to prep it before using a dermal roller?

Thoroughly cleanse your face with your La Mav Cleanser and pat dry with a soft towel.

How should I use a dermal roller?

1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly

2. Thoroughly cleanse your face and pat dry with a soft towel

3. Remover your La Mav Dermal Roller from its packing and run it under hot water. Once it's dried, spray the entire dermal roller with an alcohol solution spray (available at local pharmacies) to remove any bacteria. Wait for it to dry.

4. Gently roll the dermal roller over the area you wish to treat 4-5 times horizontally, 4-5 times vertically 4-5 times diagonally to the left and then 4-5 times diagonally to the right. Avoid the eyes and lips.

5. Apply your chosen serum or moisturser 

6. Rinse the dermal roller under hot water and disinfect it again with the spray before putting it back in its case.  

Here is a great instruction video from La Mav on the best way to use a dermal roller.

How long should I wait before applying makeup?

It is recommended to refrain from using anything for 12-24 hours after which you will be able to wear makeup.

How should I clean and store my dermal roller?

After every use, make sure you rinse under hot water and disinfect the roller again before placing it back inside its case to keep it clean and in perfect condition.


How effective is dermaroller for acne scars?

Dermal rolling can be a very effective method for treating acne scars, but particularly depressed (not raised) acne scars. The micro-needling process will stimulate collagen production and this collagen will help fill in the dips caused by acne scars – resulting in a smoother skin surface over time. 

Can a dermarolling get rid of wrinkles?

Wrinkles are caused by reduced collagen production which naturally happens as we age. Using a dermal roller will prompt your skin to produce more collagen, and to renew your skin cells which will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 'filling in' the dips and smoothing the texture of the skin. 

Is a derma roller good for large pores?

Yes, dermal rolling can help reduce the appearance of pores and create a smoother appearance on your skin overall. The needling process will also help unclog pores. 

Can derma roller reduce stretch marks?
Yes. A dermal roller can be effective in reducing stretch marks. Stretch marks occur when our skin stretches or shrinks rapidly, causing the skin to rupture. Dermal rolling will help to stimulate collagen production and trigger the skin's wound response, meaning it will start healing the light scars/stretch marks – therefore reducing their appearance over time. 

I have eczema. Can I still use a dermal roller?

La Mav does not recommend its use in eczema-prone skin.

I have rosacea. Can I still use a dermal roller?

Skin with rosacea has been proven to benefit from micro dermal rolling. The weakened blood vessels associated with rosacea can be treated with the use of dermal needling. It stimulates epidermal growth factors and increases the density of the epidermis, it lessens the appearance of vessels beneath the skin and reduces overall redness. It will also strengthen collagen in both vessel walls and the connective tissue that supports the vessels.


I suffer from acne and breakouts. Can I still use a dermal roller?

La Mav does not recommend its use for active acne, however, it is extremely effective in reducing acne scar



What is the best product to apply after using a dermal roller?

Dermal rolling increases the absorption of your products by 40%. La Mav recommends the use of oils, boosters and serums after using the dermal roller.

Is it safe to use vitamin C products after using a dermal roller?

La Mav Vitamin C Serum and Vitamin C Brightening Oil are the best anti-aging and skin rejuvenating treatments. When used after derma rolling, you will see smoother, younger skin in a matter of weeks.

Is it safe to use La Mav Brightening range after a dermal roller application?

Yes. La Mav Vitamin C Serum and La Mav Rumex Day Cream are both great to use after your dermal roller application. La Mav organic skin brightening products infused with hardworking bio actives handpicked to brighten the skin work synergistically to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, age spots and revitalise dull, lacklustre complexions for improved tone and texture.


Is it safe to use La Mav Boosters following dermal roller application?

Yes, absolutely. La Mav Boosters will give your skin an extra boost to bring the glow back to dull & tired-looking skin and minimise wrinkles. La Mav Boosters include La Mav Collagen Support, La Mav Bakuchiol 4% Natural Retinol Alternative and La Mav Omega 3 Advanced Night Cream.


Is it safe to use a dermal roller in conjunction with other treatments such as botox or laser?

La Mav does not recommend using a dermal roller in conjunction with other treatments, as it may aggravate your skin.


How long after using a dermal roller should I wait before I get a facial?

It is recommended you wait for at least 2 weeks.


I just had a chemical peel. How long should I wait before I use a dermal roller?

It is recommended you wait for at least 4 weeks.





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