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When your insides are healthy and happy, it shows on the outside. This is especially true for your skin. A delicate mix of natural ingredients including lavender flowers, vanilla pods, and invigorating mint, our range of organic chakra loose tea blends are perfect for connecting with your spiritual self and taking time out of your busy day to connect, reflect and meditate. From chakra healing teas to third eye chakra blends, root chakra teas to solar plexus chakra herbal blends, Sassy Organics has a tea for every need.


The Benefits of Chakra Tea

Tea has been proven to have fantastic benefits for improving the health and appearance of your skin. Being made up primarily of water, tea hydrates the skin, helping it to remain fresh and healthy and appear vibrant. Different tea blends also offer additional health benefits. Chakra tea blends are designed to make you aware of your spiritual self and allow you to become connected to the spiritual world around you.


Organic Merchant Certified Organic Chakra Tea (45 g & 50 g)

A floral aroma with hints of mint and basil

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SpiritualiTEA Crown Chakra (25 g)

Aims to help you follow your inner guidance and wisdom



SpiritualiTEA Heart Chakra (25 g)

Winner of the 2015 Golden Leaf Award for best flavoured green tea



SpiritualiTEA Root Chakra (50 g)

Aims to make you feel grounded and connected



SpiritualiTEA Sacral Chakra (50 g)

Aims to make you feel passion for life and joyful



SpiritualiTEA Solar Plexus Chakra (50 g)

Aims to make you feel optimistic and in control of your life



SpiritualiTEA Third Eye Chakra (25 g)

Aims to brighten and clear your third eye



SpiritualiTEA Throat Chakra (25 g)

Contains herbs allowing the communication channels to open up



The SpiritualiTEA Chakra Collection (7 Tisane)

Includes 7 blends for each chakra


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