Golden Grind Frequently Asked Questions


What is Golden Grind?

Golden Grind is a spice blend that makes the perfect Golden Latte by simply adding hot water and warm milk (or mylk). You only need 1/2 a teaspoon (2.5g) of Golden Grind for one cup of golden latte.


How much water? 

Just a splash - enough to make a paste with the teaspoon of Golden Grind. This helps dissolve the spice mix and activate the turmeric. 


How much milk? 

A cup full. Golden Grind loves Coconut Milk, but I also work well with Soy and fatty nut milks like macadamia. I can be used with Dairy as well. 


How hot does the milk need to be? 

You can drink it with cold milk, although warm, tempered milk is best. 


Does it contain sugar? 



Is it vegan? 



Does it contain nuts, preservatives or any other artificial additives? 

No - 100% all natural! 


How many drinks can I make per bag? 

There is 40 serves in each bag - so 40 delicious golden lattes. We recommend trying to get at least one serve of Golden Grind in per day to reap the rewards. 


Does it contain caffeine? 

No. Golden Grind has nothing to do with coffee!!


Can I drink Golden Grind if I'm pregnant? 

Yes - but always consult your health care professional. 


Can I drink too much Golden Grind?

You can always have to much of everything - even water! But it would have to be a lot. Don't go silly with Golden Grind but having 10 cups a day should't hurt ;)


How much do I need to drink to get the health benefits? 

One serve is portioned around providing enough turmeric and black pepper per day to help the body absorb and use the turmeric. We recommend at least one, but preferably two serves a day. Remember there are so many ways to use Golden Grind so it doesn't always have to be a latte. 


Can I drink it cold?

You sure can - you just need to mix the blend with warm water to break down the spices. From there, you can add cold milk or ice, if preferred. Or add it to your smoothie.


Can I use it in things other than golden lattes? 

Yes! We encourage you to get creative with Golden Grind - you can use it to make bliss balls, face masks, cakes, pancakes, bread, curries, marinades, ice-cream, what you can come up with - Golden Grind will be a delicious addition! 


Does it need Honey or sugar added? 

The cinnamon provides a delicious natural sweetener, and in the Coconut and Cacao blend, we have added licorice root powder. For a little extra hit, we recommend natural additions, honey, maple or date!


Can children drink it? 

They sure can! We recommend getting them hooked on golden lattes rather than hot chocolates. 


Where is Golden Grind from? 

It's lovingly, hand-packed in Melbourne, with the organic ingredients imported from fair trade farms in India and Sri Lanka.