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I am Aida, proud founder of Sassy Organics and long time user of organics products. Thank you for visiting Sassy Organics, here you will find first-class organic and certified products with the finest of ingredients in the market, specially selected by me. I am a faithful follower of doing what I preach because I want the best for my customers. To ensure the safety of our clients, Sassy Organics investigates a product’s origin and carefully scrutinised its ingredients before testing. I then personally trial the product(s) before adding it to our trusted range.


I decided to launch Sassy Organics because my family and I have been living a healthy lifestyle and using organic and certified organic products since2014; it has become our way of life. I have always lived a healthy lifestyle, doing regular activities such as running, which I started when I was only 11 years of age. About 18 years ago, being a passionate lover of animals, I made the decision to become a vegetarian. Around 2017, I became aware of animal cruelty and suffering within the dairy industry and in December 2017 I decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle, excluding all animal derived products from my diet, skincare and makeup. This led me to removing all animal derived products such as beeswax and carmine from Sassy Organics, making it 100% vegan & cruelty free store.


However, before using organic products, I experienced health issues, yet little would I know that my medical conditions would lead me to a rewarding journey with organic products. As a lover of knowledge, I began to read extensively about the impact of chemicals and synthetic hormones on our bodies, especially on female health and hormone balance. I discovered that there was an abounding count of chemicals absorbed by our bodies found in our daily everyday products like toothpaste, hair, and body products. Unfortunately, these chemicals do have an impact on our health, particularly causing imbalances in female hormones and disrupting our gut. As I managed my medical conditions, I continued to educate myself; my broader studies lead me to find alternative ways to aid my ailments. I decided to try something new and explored whether removing toxins and chemicals could improve my health, without the use of medications. 


Over the course of time, as I replaced standard commercial products with organic ones, I began to see improvements in my health. The transition to adopting a full organics lifestyle has radically affected my wellbeing, as I no longer experience any of the health related issues I had. Regrettably, people make the switch to organic food and products only after they have experienced health problems. For instance, a physician advising a cancer patient would recommend, in conjunction with chemotherapy, to eat organic produce and to remove toxins and chemicals from their bodies. If to attain a better health, were are recommended to eat organics and remove chemicals from our bodies, then why would we want to wait until we have some terrible ailment?


My idea for Sassy Organics came from my belief that prevention is better than cure. At Sassy Organics, we believe that we should eat organic produce every day, and use pure, clean and healthy products. Sassy Organics makes it possible for anyone to embrace this lifestyle; our products are exceptional and our range is affordable. Whether you are beginning your organic journey or have been a member of the organic community for some time, Sassy Organics welcomes you. To help you along your journey to better health, and to receive the product updates, useful resources and much more join our mailing list.  


To better health,


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