My Magic Mud Activated Charcoal Whitening Tooth Powder

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My Magic Mud is a 100% natural whitening tooth powder made from activated charcoal and bentonite clay. It cleans, polishes, whitens, and detoxes your teeth! The “magic” in My Magic Mud Tooth Powder is in the simplicity of this blend, each natural ingredient playing an important part individually and synergistically. The activated coconut shell charcoal in My Magic Mud scrubs your teeth squeaky clean while actively detoxifying your mouth. My Magic Mud uses a grit-free, ultra fine granular that is food grade and gentle on the enamel. Their calcium bentonite clay improves your dental hygiene and re-mineralizes your enamel, lifting the toxins right out of your gums and teeth through a process known as ‘adsorption.’ Mix in the certified organic mint extract and certified orange peel extract - as a natural anti-inflammatory and for added whitening power - and you get the hottest oral care product on the market. My Magic Mud has put every ingredient under the microscope, and we only use what works. Be careful of brands that intentionally complicate their formulas and include ingredients they haven’t analyzed for abrasivity and pH levels. For Frequently Asked Questions check HERE. 

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  • Carefully open jar over sink
  • Using hygienic applicator, scoop small amount under your tongue or on top of damp toothbrush
  • Brush gently for two minutes over the sink with your lips closed
  • With your head close to the drain, spit softly with water running
  • Rinse thouroughly and floss

Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal, Calcium Bentonite Clay, Certified Organic Orange Peel Extract Powder, Wildcrafted Mint Extract Powder.

My Magic Mud really works!

13 February 2017
I started using this product a couple of months ago and although I have slightly stained teeth, My Magic Mud made a noticeable difference after the first application. I use it regularly, up to three times a week, and not only does it remove stains leaving a naturally white finish, it also removes plaque and leaves them looking smooth. I find it's best used in the shower as it can get a little messy! A great natural product that goes a long way.

Amazing results in just a few weeks

15 January 2017
I've been using this for just a few weeks now, have noticed significant difference, not only in the colour of my teeth, but more so the feel of them. No more film left in my mouth like toothpaste does, my breath always feels fresh and I wake up in the morning with no horrible morning mouth feeling. My kids are now using it, and I'm seeing their teeth shine. It's a little messy for the kids, but worth the clean up seeing the results.

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