Teelixir Frequently Asked Questions

Date Posted:18 April 2020 

What are tonic herbs? Why do we need them?

Tonic herbs are extremely powerful substances that work to fortify our entire body-mind systems for overall longevity and abundant health. They are powerful tools to help us grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Tonic herbs have been used historically as tools of preventative health to restore balance and allow the body to maintain optimal homeostasis. They are completely safe for long-term consumption and have no history of side effects. 

When we consume tonic herbs regularly for a period of time, we change. A whole host of functions tends to improve. We feel better and stronger, we become more capable in every aspect of our lives: at work, at home, at play, and in bed. They can help us achieve more out of what we want in life. Tonic herbs are nature’s most powerful adaptogens, restoratives, augmenters, and cleansers. They slow aging, reduce stress, improve sex, build blood, sharpen the mind, strengthen bones, cleanse the liver, recharge adrenals, boost the immune system, improve sleep and provide unbelievable energy and focus.


What are adaptogens?

The majority of tonic herbs contain properties that are defined as ‘adaptogenic'. Adaptogens are remarkable substances that have been known over centuries of use to help the human body adapt to stress, support normal metabolic processes, and restore balance. They increase the body’s resistance to physical, biological, emotional, and environmental stressors and promote normal physiologic function. 
Adaptogenic herbs have been found to balance the body’s energies, endocrine hormones, modulate the immune system and allow the body to maintain optimal health. We all deal with stress every day, and our bodies strive to adapt and keep balanced and healthy. It’s very important to learn healthy stress reduction practices to maintain balance to lead a long healthy life. We can use adaptogenic herbs as tools to combat and eliminate our daily stresses and stay grounded.


What are superfood mushrooms?

Superfood mushrooms, also known as medicinal mushrooms, are a kingdom of herbs that are very powerful health-promoting agents. There are hundreds of thousands of mushroom species in the world. According to ancient texts and scientific studies, close to 700 varieties are believed to have preventative and therapeutic properties beneficial to human health. People have been consuming superfood mushrooms for thousands of years for the many great benefits that they offer. Their power and incredible intelligence work to predominantly train, and to build and rejuvenate your immune system. 
There are many compounds, constituents, and nutrients in superfood mushrooms that benefit human health, but the most well studied and tested are carbohydrate molecules called polysaccharides (long-chain sugars), more specifically beta-glucans, and the triterpenes. The polysaccharides and triterpenes are extremely beneficial to our health as they are believed to stimulate and strongly enhance our immune system. They work to increase T-cell activity, macrophage activity, natural killer cell and neutrophil activity. This is very important for any kind of pathogenic invasion or disease that may be taking place in the body where the immune system is called to respond. The triterpenes help modulate the immune response and have been reported to have adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive and anti-allergenic effects. 
The superfood mushrooms contain anti-viral activity and have high antioxidant values comparable to resveratrol. They also act as prebiotics in the gut to help establish good flora in the body. They increase the good bacteria and suppress the bad bacteria, and support fungal overgrowth conditions like candida. Superfood mushrooms enhance our own intelligence and wisdom, strengthen the mind, increase memory and prolong life. These nourishing tonics help build the body's resistance, aid in detoxification, affect the blood, protect and support the functions of the Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, skin, and joints. Superfood mushrooms are powerful allies that help support and nourish life.


What are the different ways I can use Teelixir products?

You can use Teelixir products in a variety of creative ways. For fast absorption, add directly to water, hot tea, coffee, nut milk or juice. They can all be used as a great base or addition to your smoothies, elixirs, raw desserts, in your baking recipes or simply sprinkled on your favorite ice cream, yogurt or cereal. The possibilities are endless! And if you’re a real bad ass, simple throw those superfood powders straight into your gob and swallow! 
How often do I take these herbs and how much?
These herbs are powerful nature-made substances. We believe it is more effective to consume them in small regular doses (every day if possible) over a long period of time. Recommended starting dosages are including in the additional info on each product page as well as on the back packaging. These herbs are also very safe to consume in high doses. We encourage you to experiment by modifying your dosage up and down based on how your body is feeling and how much you need to achieve the results you desire.
I’ve never taken these products before. What is the best tonic herb to take?
When it comes down to it, we do not believe there is one single “best" herb to take. It would be wonderful if nature provided us with one specific herb to consume every day that catered to all our needs and improved every aspect of our life. Then we wouldn’t have to think about it anymore. Imagine that! Since that is not the case, a better question to ask is- which is the best tonic herb(s) to take that works for my own constitution and current health and lifestyle program? We have a wealth of free information on this website (check out each individual product page) that can help you decide which products will work best for you. Be mindful and ask yourself- what is my intention in taking these particular tonic herbs or blends? What health goals or results am I looking to achieve? The answers to these questions can help guide you more appropriately to which tonic herbs you need to be taking right now. As your health goals and needs change, different herbs may then become more appropriate for you at that time. Our herbal needs will always shift and change depending on the needs we have in our life. 
Remember that it’s always best to just start somewhere. You’re blessed to have access to the best tonic herbs in the world right here. Just start by taking one herb and see how your body reacts and adjusts. Tonic herbalism is really fun in that way. It’s fun to watch ourselves grow and transform with these herbs and feel how they positively improve and enhance our lives. That has been our own experience and the experience of many of our friends and customers. Check out our reviews and testimonials page.
Can I combine Teelixir products together?
Yes, you can. The tonic herbs can be consumed separately or in combination. Depending on how you’re feeling and your needs of the moment, you might like to start your day with Chaga mushroom, Cordyceps mushroom, or Astragalus root, for example, to increase energy and performance. At night you might like to relax and promote calmness with Reishi mushroom, Mucuna Pruriens, and Schizandra berry. Listen to your body, set intentions, and do what works best for you.
Do you recommend a specific diet while consuming tonic herbs?
We do not recommend or espouse any specific diet but we believe these powerful tonic herbs are more effective when incorporated into a rich and organic whole-food diet and active lifestyle. That has been our experience.
When can I expect to see results?
Everyone is different depending on their sensitivity and the level of health they are experiencing. In some cases, the benefits of our products may be felt instantaneous while others may experience subtle influences at first, and notice cumulative effects developing over time. For great results, we recommend consuming one or more of our products regularly for at least 30-100 days.
How long will my Teelixir products last? How do I store them?

If kept sealed, all products will last at least two years from the date of purchase. In some rare cases, the herbal material can “candy” (harden) over a period of time, depending on the environmental conditions. This does not mean the product has gone “bad” or “off", it is still just as effective and beneficial. It can easily be broken up again and will still dissolve in water. Make sure the bag is sealed at all times when not in use to prevent moisture and oxygen from entering. Store your product bags in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is not required.



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