Best natural remedies for cellulite and stretch marks

Date Posted:27 September 2020 

Cellulite and stretch marks, if you are a woman, you are pretty much guaranteed to have at least one of the two. While men can certainly have cellulite and stretch marks, women are much more prone to the accumulation of fat cells and stretching of the skin (such as during pregnancy). 


What is cellulite?

We all know cellulite as the dimpled skin that usually appears on our bottoms and thighs, but what exactly is it? Cellulite is formed by the interaction between connective tissue in the dermal layer and fat cells in the layer above. The fat cells are pulled by the connective tissue, creating an uneven and dimpled looking surface. Most, if not all women have some degree of cellulite on legs, but did you know that you can also get cellulite on your face? Cellulite on face can cause a sagging appearance to the skin, jowls around the mouth, and sometimes a dimpled appearance.  


Benefits of dry brushing

Dry brushing involves using a soft bristled body brush to gently brush the skin in circular motion, beginning inwards and moving away from the heart. It helps to stimulate the flow of lymph (fluid) throughout the lymphatic system which improves circulation, in turn assisting with fluid excretion, reducing swelling and puffiness, as well as helping to clear toxins. As dry brushing improves circulation and fluid retention, it can also assist in reducing the appearance of cellulite.  Applying a coffee scrub to your body brush and moving over the skin as you would when dry brushing helps to target cellulite. The caffeine contained in a coffee scrub can help to reduce cellulite by dilating the blood vessels and improving blood flow, reducing the appearance of dimpled skin and stretch marks. 


What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched such as during pregnancy, during rapid weight gain or loss or in teenagers after a sudden growth spurt. Genetics play a large role in stretch marks, but nutrient deficiencies like zinc and vitamin C that are needed for connective tissue integrity may also play a role. Stretch marks on thighs are very common in woman, and even in men too, especially if weight has been gained or lost at an accelerated rate. The same applies to stretch marks on arms, with the underside of the arms holding a significant amount of fat tissue.


How to reduce stretch marks

Applying a stretch mark oil daily helps to hydrate and restore skin cells. If used throughout pregnancy, a stretch mark oil keeps the skin hydrated and reduces the damage caused by the sudden growth and stretching of the skin. For stretch marks that have already formed, look for an oil containing antioxidants like rosehip oil and vitamin E, as these will help to fade stretch marks. Stretch marks on back may be difficult to reach, so using a loofa with a cream or oil applied to the end can help target this area. Eating a healthy diet with plenty of vitamin C, zinc and antioxidants will also help the skin to heal from stretching and may also assist in stretch mark prevention. If you don’t eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables, you could try including some supplemental vitamin C, or boosting your morning smoothie or oats with an antioxidant charged superfood powder





Vanessa Megan Bio-Omega Body Contouring Oil (100 ml)

For all skin types, especially stretch marked, scarred & dehydrated skin



Eco by Sonya Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub With Peppermint & Lemongrass (250 ml)

For dry skin, stretch marks, scarring, acne, cellulite, eczema & psoriasis



Bass Brushes Dry Skin Bamboo Body Brush with Long Handle

Medium bristle perfect for all skin types. For wet or dry use



Noosa Basics Body Scrub With Coffee & Activated Charcoal (150 g)

With coffee, apricot shell, coconut to exfoliate & nourish



Noosa Basics Stretch Mark Body Oil (100 ml)

Helps prevents the appearance of stretch marks, scars & cellulite



Noosa Basics Shea Butter Ultra Rich Cream (120 ml)

Anti inflammatory for dry, itchy skin, reducing scars & stretch marks



Butt Naked Coffee & Epsom Body Scrub (250 g)

Suitable for all skin types including dry, combination & oily skin



Butt Naked Dirty Chai Coffee Scrub (250 g)

Suitable for all skin types including dry, combination & oily skin


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