Eco friendly alternatives to female hygiene products

Date Posted:28 April 2019 

If you think about how many periods a woman has in a lifetime, this equals a lot of waste contributing to landfill. Approximately 12 periods annually over around 30 years for most women, this is a huge amount of pads and tampons used globally. Now I know what you’re thinking; reusable rags, moon cups, what is this hippie business? Well thank goodness it’s now 2019 and being eco friendly when it comes to your period has never been easier. 


Menstrual cups (Coming Soon)

These are silicon cups that are inserted into the vagina similar to how you would insert a tampon, however period cups collect menstrual flow rather than absorbing it. The menstrual cup eliminates the need for pads or tampons, reducing waste and saving money. While it may sound strange, Australia menstrual cups actually save you from the constant bathroom trips in order to change your sanitary items, as the cups can be worn for up to 8 hours at a time. When the cup is full, simply remove and pour down the toilet, rinse and then reinsert. If the initial financial outlay is a barrier to trying this product, using menstrual cup afterpay is a solution to extend the payment over weeks instead of one lump sum straight up. 


​Bamboo sanitary pads

If you read our previous post about bamboo you will be well versed on why this fibre is more eco-friendly and sustainable than conventional materials. Along with being more biodegradable, bamboo pads are also free of nasty chemicals such as chlorine and dioxine bleach, which I’m sure you will agree you do not want touching your privates. Bamboo pads are also much softer and more comfortable than the usual plastic nappy feel, so you can feel good about the environment and also feel comfy in your pants. Tsuno sanitary items are natural, biodegradable and also support a good cause, with 50% of the company’s profit going towards charities that focus on empowering women with education and  menstrual support. Beautiful artwork on the packaging is a bonus to lift your spirits when you may not be feeling so flash.


​Cotton sanitary pads

Cotton pads provide natural menstrual absorbency without the nasties. Most pads contain chemicals which may be detrimental to your health in the long run, where as natural cotton sanitary pads are free from harmful substances. Another benefit of cotton is that is it breathable, an important factor when it comes to feminine hygiene. Allowing your privates to ‘breath’ by using natural cotton pads and underwear reduces the risk of developing thrush caused tight, non-breathable fabric (along with other factors). When it comes to cotton, you may also wish to consider organic cotton tampons that contain no synthetics or dyes. We would highly recommend organic & biodegradable tampons, that are gentle on your body but also the planet. We love TOM Organic non toxic and biodegradable pads and tampons - made with certified organic cotton, they are also cruelty free and vegan.


​Reusable pads (Coming Soon)

Along with the menstrual cup, reusable pads benefit the planet along with your wallet. Lasting around 2-3 years, reusable menstrual pads save you from the monthly expense your period brings. While the words pads reusable may leave you picturing olden day rags, modern day reusable pads Australia are comfortable, easy to use and simple to wash. If you’re keen to use a more sustainable product yet the idea of using a cup to collect your flow is a bit too much, reusable pads offer a comfortable alternative. 





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